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Thermo Cabs, known for its unique product range across the globe is one of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in India. Thermo Cabs, high and low tension cables (EHV, HT & LT), control and instrumentation cables, house wires, power cables, stainless steel wires, and electrical cables. Its unique product range of wires and cables is known pan India and across the globe.

Thermo Cabs was established in Rewari, located at Delhi-bypass road, Uttam Nagar, Rewari (Haryana).

Thermo Cabs manufacture a wide variety of cables suitable for process instrumentation. In the projects related to power generation and distribution, chemical & fertilizer, Steel Plants, automobile plants and various other engineering industries. The process instrumentation plays a vital role in measurement, supervision and control of the process. Introduction of micro process based / computerized instrumentation has demanded stringent quality requirements along with special electrical parameters for instrumentation cables, very low-level electric signals pass between measuring end & display units/controllers, which are situated, far off. These low-level signals are prone to external noise pickups and heavy during transmission.

All this means that the cables to be used for instrumentation should be designed and manufactured very carefully, with its meticulous efforts in maintaining quality, stringent in process control during manufacture and the knowledge of cable designing, is proud to say that it is capable of supplying instrumentation cable meeting an Indian/international standard or a specific requirement desired by project authority. The effort done by TCR are acceptance of quality by number of CEMs throughout the country.

Sustainable development for the wire and cable industry

The Indian Electrical industry has grown enormously over the years. The growth of the industry is mainly dependent on the level of economic and development activities being undertaken in the country. The recent movements of urbanization, smart infrastructure development, construction projects, and power projects attribute to rapid growth in wires and cables industry. With India’s power industry growing at a brisk pace, following a rise in the demand for energy, new energy avenues like renewable energy are coming up.

These practices will ameliorate the environmental conditions and help in reserving resources for future generation without any harm to the nature and other components of it. KEI, as a leading wire and cable manufacturers in India, endeavour to manufacture and supply electrical cables to contribute to the renewable industry; to meet the demand for alternative source of energy such as solar and wind energy. The innovative wire and cable products offer the highest standards of applications in its diverse usage and which are required to accommodate the flourishing infra-development projects in our country.

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